We are a semi-hardcore PvX guild with stacks of previous experience.

Our guild [Fortunes’ Wrath] intends on making an impact within upcoming releases such as Throne and Liberty, Pax Dei and Ashes of Creation. If any of these games interest you, and you believe that you can contribute to our guild, check us out on Discord!

We currently have rosters for the following games:

Albion Online (EU server) – Active

World of Warcraft (Classic) – Awaiting Cata

Guild Wars 2

Ashes of Creation – Pre-recruiting

Pax Dei – Pre-recruiting

Throne and Liberty – Pre-recruiting

New World – Inactive

Foxhole – Inactive

Throughout our time and experience within the aforementioned games we are are now well-versed with large, medium and small scale PvP and PvE. We have multiple server firsts across a variety of games and intend to do the same for any other upcoming MMORPG’s.

People question why we’ve decided to form this guild so early, (potentially 3-4 years) before Ashes of Creation is to be released – I reply by saying “If we recruit now and play other MMORPG releases in the meantime, whilst getting to know our members’ capabilities between now and AoC’s release, we can establish ourselves as one of the most prominent guilds within the UK and Europe.” That’s our goal.

We have experienced ex-GM’s and Officers across multiple rosters, all of whom we have had the pleasure of playing MMO’s with. Atop of that, those who are joining our guild with leadership experience are going to be bringing people into this roster with the intention of creating a tightly-knit community by the time the game launches.

There will be very little ice to break by 2023/4 as we have all communicated with each other during the countdown to the launch of Ashes of Creation.

Not only are the members within the current roster experienced MMO players, but they’re also a decent bunch of people to talk to.

I myself have ran several successful guilds within a variety of games, however this guild is a different breed. We intend on sticking around, even after Ashes of Creation. We’ve got high hopes for the game and its potential for longevity, and appreciate the transparency that the development team (Intrepid Studios) has shown towards the community. This has given us the belief that this game will be around for a long time, which means that we will be too. If you’re looking for friends online who’re well versed when playing MMO’s, this is the where you’ll find them.

– FilthyRich247 (GM)

About us

We are a PvX guild with big plans for future MMORPG releases including (Throne and Liberty, Pax Dei and Ashes of Creation). We intend on progressing our chosen territories of choice ASAP to introduce secure and prosperous environments for all who rely on them.

We choose to play on European servers for all existing and upcoming MMORPG releases. Regardless of the game, we announce which servers that we intend on playing on to our members closer to the launch date of any particular game to ensure that we all create our characters in the same realm.

English speaking:
Due to the fact that we are predominantly made up of British / northern European players, we speak English for raids and during discussions.


Putting it bluntly, our guild aims to achieve what most of the other guilds have promised. An organized, tightly knit group of artisans; sieges, ZvZ, PvP warfare with other guilds and fast PvE progression. What you should be interested in is how we plan on achieving these goals. We intend on making your experience as a member of our guild fun and enjoyable.

We are well versed and successful when it comes to waging war upon our competitors; we also know to treat our allies with respect, but most importantly, we know to prioritize the needs of our guild members.

Within any MMO our intent is to populate and progress our territories ASAP in order to establish secure environments for any friendlies to thrive within. We will be making alliances with other established guilds. Any profits made from our campaigns will be shared with our guild members in the form of goods that will benefit their progression. We intend on rewarding and safeguarding all of our guild members.

With software engineers and web developers within our guild thus far, we will be developing any tools necessary on the web to aid our guilds progression (please feel free to DM me with any ideas / suggestions on Discord).


All of our Officers thus far have at least a year’s leadership experience within a series of successful guilds and organizations on games such as New World, Albion Online, World of Warcraft (retail and classic), Foxhole, EVE online, RIFT, and many more…

Many of our members have prior MMO experience. We intend on progressing quickly through the games PvE content as a result of this. We intend on being at the forefront of PvE progression within the EU due to our past experiences. We are expecting to be successful in not only the PvE aspects of the game, but also from a PvP perspective.

The Officers within this guild (as expected) have proven themselves to be innovative thinkers; making suggestions to forward our progression. We have only recently opened our roster for public sign-up, and the response has been positive thus far.

As an experienced GM and leader, I am under the belief that if we recruit enough committed members that we can become one of the most promising guilds within the EU servers come post-launch.


Our guild incentivizes productivity with reward, whether that be in the form of promotional opportunities or materialistically.

If you are known for being consistent and are seen regularly assisting the guild and its members, this will go in your favor when it comes to making progression through the guilds ranks.

Not looking for a promotion? That’s fine, we understand that people don’t have the time to commit. This is why we always keep reserves aside, so as the top contributors within the guild can be rewarded, whether it be related to crafting those ‘next level’ items that require a ridiculous amount of hard-to-farm materials, or anything else you might desire. We go the extra mile to incentivize productivity.

Ashes of Creation Info

We had a solid presence within the Alpha-1 test phase for AoC, and have many more joining us for Alpha-2, Beta-1 and Beta-2, our goal is to determine how best to succeed with our goals whilst assisting our members in getting geared at the time of release. We are all for rewarding our members in return for their loyalty and assistance with progression.